Thadd Tweet : 10/19/1968 – 02/15/2018

Gentle. Steadfast. Hardworking. True. Faithful.

Those words do a pretty good job describing Thadd. He loved his family. He had a hunger for knowledge. He felt a deep sense of pride in and respect and appreciation for those who served our country and the core ideals on which it was founded.

Thaddeus Christopher Tweet lived his forty-nine years with commitment, dedication, and love.

Born in 1968 in Valley Center, Kansas to Kay and Larry Tweet, Thadd was the third of six children raised as a PK (preacher’s kid). His love for the Lord and knowledge of His word began early on. His faith in the church, however, experienced some shaking during a period of personal turmoil. In spite of hurtful words and circumstances, Thadd never lost a love for God and his relationship with the Lord grew and strengthened during each facet of his journey of life.

Choosing to pursue a healthy life, at the age of 26 Thadd snatched hold of an opportunity to move into a management position with the company he worked for and relocate to the Kansas City area. Thadd would tell you that move was the best thing he could’ve done – that’s where God crossed his path with his wife, Sharon.

Thadd and Sharon met one spring evening, began dating in the summer, became engaged in the fall, and were married the next summer. For almost 23 years they lived and loved life together. Together they moved around the metro area, raised 2 boys, Isaiah and Elijah, shared their faith and joy in the Lord, and explored as much as they could. Thadd’s love of history meant a love of museums and historical sites. His love of politics sent him into passionate discussions and debates with his son, friends, and coworkers. And his love of music opened doors to share pieces of himself and his own history with his boys and others. His family was his main priority and he lived and worked and played for their benefit.

At the age of 49, Thadd was received home into the arms of Jesus after a short but faith-filled journey through colon cancer with metastases to his liver. He remained gentle in spirit, confident in Christ’s grace and love, and humble in his role of sharing God’s gift of peace and salvation. He stood strong – Unbowed and Unbent before cancer, Broken only before Christ. He desired, to the very end, to care for his wife and sons and share Christ with you.

This page is here to honor Thadd’s life and his memory and allow you to learn more about him, read his writings, watch his videos, and #Discover. Take the time to click through the pages, read, and watch. And please feel free to share. Thadd and Sharon believed that their life, their journey, was given to them to share with you in the hopes of bringing others to a deeper knowledge and understanding of Christ.





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